121)Mark left by an old wound
Scare Scar
Scarf Scowl
Answer :

Honest Reliable
Valiant Showing no fear
Answer :

To ask To determine
To Solve To decide
Answer :

124)To make angry
Vex To provoke
To bear To tolerate
Answer :

125)To look in an angry way
Glow Glare
Gaze See
Answer :

126)Full of extreme violence and unpleasantness
Fearful Filthy
Bloody Gory
Answer :

Small Little
Petty Ample
Answer :

Subsequent Former
Latter Late
Answer :

Pass Hesitate
Manoeuvre passby
Answer :

130)To eat with small repeated bites
Nibble gulp
Simmer Giggle
Answer :

131)Part of a mixture
Mixture Ingredient
Element Compound
Answer :

132)The ability to move around
Compatibility Nobility
Mobility Sociable
Answer :

133)Extreme eagerness and desire to get or keep wealth
Averse Average
Parsimony Avarice
Answer :

134)To pass away
Die Parish
Polish Go
Answer :

135)To continue to live
Survive Culture
Venture Pasture
Answer :

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