151)In earnest
Serious Various
Generous Meticulous
Answer :

152)To scatter liquid
Drink Sprinkle
Waste Squeeze
Answer :

153)To offer marriage
To urge To agree
To request To propose
Answer :

154)Any grain used as food
Spice Cereal
Poultry Pastry
Answer :

155)To make or become smaller
Shrink Stood
Dwindle Seize
Answer :

156)Another choice
Intuitive Alternative
Tentative Intrusive
Answer :

157)To throw
Hurl Curl
Fure Swirl
Answer :

Silent Serene
Severe Serious
Answer :

Eventful Serious
Meditative Significant
Answer :

Obstinate Sterile
Stern Unyielding
Answer :

Incredible Credible
Creche Credentials
Answer :

Silly Fine
Tangible Absurd
Answer :

163)To stop low
Crouch Curve
Bow Manage
Answer :

164)Tending to get angry easily
Irascible Excited
Yeilding Shameless
Answer :

165)Both secure and well deserved
Condemned Condign
Conditional Punished
Answer :

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