136)To strengthen by the addition of men, equipment, etc
Venture Reinforce
Adventure Challange
Answer :

137)To do or to conduct
Carry on Carry off
Bring up Check in
Answer :

138)A small left over piece
Solvent Permanent
Pertinent Remnant
Answer :

Solemn Colloquial
Column Caravan
Answer :

140)To forbid
Tell Sanction
Quell Ban
Answer :

141)To tell the truth aolemnly
Exaggerate Affirm
Testify Assert
Answer :

142)To perspire
Flow Leak
Sweat Flood
Answer :

Permanent Deep
Puree Puppet
Answer :

Wither Waver
Demolish Destroy
Answer :

145)To run away from danger
Flee Surrender
Fly Succumb
Answer :

146)To desire greatly or to have a strong loving, or sad desire
Lure Yarn
Grasp Tempt
Answer :

147)Having little colour
Sale Vale
Pale Fine
Answer :

148)To go back
Resign Recede
Recall Regret
Answer :

149)Without hope
Despair Disgrace
Disgust Design
Answer :

150)To stick to
Adapt Adhere
Adopt Adorn
Answer :

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