Compete the sentence

91)The driver was found guilty of ____________ negligence
control contributory
contributor controversial
Answer :

92)On the ground liquid hydrogen should be kept in large stainless steel vessels, with ____________ double wals filled with insulation and evacuated to a high vacuum.
dustless stoney
watery pure
Answer :

93)When Kalpana's hand bag fell over board she lost het ___________, keys, purse and cigarettes
compact nose
posture balance
Answer :

94)The ___________ of this poisonous algae has caused the __________ of many kinds of fish
effects, loss proliferation, exodus
intelligence, genocide destruction, death
Answer :

95)The minister admitted the _________ of his actions, but he justified them on the grounds of ____________
lunacy, lineage probity, justice
iniquity, expediency equity, necessity
Answer :

96)The movie portrays the experiences of a man who is brought back to life from death; it is a ___________ on many __________ of contemporary society
fun, frolic satire, foibles
irony, weakness humour, mistakes
Answer :

97)The professor defines science as whatever can be ___________, and religion as that which is always not definable
verified achieved
examined ascertained
Answer :

98)___________ and ____________, the king left many to mourn his generous heart, when he died
Proud, arrogant Selfish, altruistic
Polite, gentle Good, refined
Answer :

99)The innovation of the ___________ age have had ____________ effects on men and women in all walks of life
nuclear, relevant computer, remarkable
scientific, wonderful modern, profane
Answer :

100)As a staunch ___________ of our right to leisure time, Hari had few _____________
defender, equals advocate, rivals
fighter, friends supporter, enemies
Answer :

101)The inspector's ______________ probings finally ended in apprehending the culprit
sincere earnest
relentless ceaseless
Answer :

102)I felt a little shiver of ______________ at the thought of venturing out into that world where our footsteps _________ as I walked
fear, sounded pain, felt
remorse, returned apprehension, echoed
Answer :

103)The masters of the world are bacteria and viruses. They _________ all other life and all other life lives and reproduces merely to provide them with ___________
infest, accommoodation overpower, food and shelter
serve, disease out number, boarding and lodging
Answer :

104)The product of a __________ religion home, he often found __________ in prayer
finely, comfort devoulty, solace
good, peace wonderfully, answers
Answer :

105)Immigrants, coming to a new country, have the unique problem of __________ their established behaviours and learning new habits whose results are ______________
shaking, uncertain giving up, doubtful
adjusting, certain abandoning, dubious
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