Complete the sentence

76)The hero find happiness _____________
with the end of the story at the end of the story
to the story in the end of the story
Answer :

77)The Taj Mahal _______________ the Indians
gives proudness to has pride
make proud is the pride of
Answer :

78)The valley __________________
stretches over 100 kilometres takes in 100 kilometres
is an area 100 kilometres runs an area of 100 kilometres
Answer :

79)A fund of million rupees is needed ___________________
by the election for the candidate for the completion by election time
for the candidate to complete his campaign by election time so that the campaign of the candidate is completed
Answer :

80)_____________ is confined to the surface of the planet
Life, as we know it Life as known
Knowing that the life Life we know
Answer :

81)He refuses to admit that his wife is dead, ____________________
speaking of her as if she were still living continuing in speaking of his living wife
speaking of her when she was alive still speaking of her when living
Answer :

82)Three necessities of life are ____________________
to get food, shelter and clothing getting food, clothes and having shelter
food, shelter and clothing food, getting shelter and clothes
Answer :

83)The freedom fighter was exiled to the island of Andaman, ____________________
and he died on it five years later where he died five years later
and in five years did he die dying there after five years passed
Answer :

84)I find it necessary to water my garden, __________________
thrice of a week caeh weekly
thrice per weekly thrice weekly
Answer :

85)_______________, the economy of the nation is rising
In a large way For the most part
By and by To a high degree
Answer :

86)Even when her reputation was in ________ almost everyone was willing to admit that she was a genius
ascendancy retaliation
eclipse veneration
Answer :

87)How many of the books published in India, make a(n) _______ contribution toward improving men's __________ with each other?
significant, relationship worthwhile, habits
different, customs noticeable, problems
Answer :

88)All religions invariably condemn man's partaking in ___________ plasures
emotional sensual
ecclesiastical relational
Answer :

89)The minister __________ contemporary journalism for being too ___________
attacked, silly criticized, formal
rebuked, irresponsible praised, responsible
Answer :

90)When I watch drivers, slam their cars to a grinding halt, ________ take sides on two wheels and dash wildly over construction potholes and rail road crossing, I consider it a _______ to automotive design that cars don't break apart far sooner
sensibly, fortune suddenly, misfortune
sincerely, silence habitually, tribute
Answer :

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