Complete the sentence

61)There are four major industries in the city __________________________
each having over 1000 employees each employing over 1000 workers
where 1000 are employed at and each one, you can find over 1000 working
Answer :

62)The success of the drama was due to ________________________
the acting and the direction how they acted and the direction
the actors and the direction the actors and how it was directed
Answer :

63)It is dangerous for one's healt ______________________________
to diet continually and not taking exercise if he or she without exercise, diets
to diet continually and to avoid physical exercise dieting continually with no exercise
Answer :

64)Having studied only Hindi _________________________
to take a foreign language is appealing I like to take foreign language
a foreign language would help me I am looking forward to taking a foreign language
Answer :

65)The government has invested millions of rupees ___________________________
so the unemployed can get new jobs to create new jobs for the unemployed
in create new jobs for the unemployed for the creation of jobs for the unemployed
Answer :

66)I am dreaming of a future __________________________
with adventure with all
living in peace full of adventure
Answer :

67)Some politician suggest that in order to save the world from ruin, ____________________
mankind must limit the growth of population population growing unchecked
further population growth needs limiting population should not grow
Answer :

68)Educating young people, _____________________ is necessary
on the evils of drugs seeing drug evil
in drug evil on how drug are evil
Answer :

69)_________________, the earth revolves around the sun
It is known As science says
Scientific theory says It is a fact that
Answer :

70)Before you leave, please close the door, turn off the stove, and _____________________
that you lock the windows the windows have to be locked
lock all the windows will you lock the windows
Answer :

71)While still in primary school, ________________
reading was learnt by me I learnt to read
they taught me to read I was learnt to read
Answer :

72)The newly elected Minister promised ____________________
a reformation to bring on reform
to cause reform to initiate reform
Answer :

73)The cinema star is known by everyone _____________________________
so beautiful and stunning as a woman of stunning beauty
a lady, stunningly beautiful to have such a stunning beauty
Answer :

74)When applying for job, ____________________
one should be well informed it is essential to be well informed
you enjoy good information good information is essential
Answer :

75)His knowledge of the local language is limited, __________________________
necessary to overcome it which he must overcome
and he must overcome a problem that he must overcome
Answer :

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