46)When did the patient die? "The patient ___________ before the doctor arrived"
has died died
had died is died
Answer :

47)Does she dress well? "__________ is not important"
What does a person wear What a person wears
A person wears What a person does wear
Answer :

48)Why is Roma so spoiled? "She is accustomed to __________ whatever she wants"
have had
she was having
Answer :

49)I've been working with the problem for two hours "It must be a hard one ____________"
solved solving
to solve be solved
Answer :

50)My mother is an excellent cook "Yes, she is better than __________ cook we have"
any other some other
any some
Answer :

51)If you can't lend me the money, I think I'll ask Shamu "Don't bother, he has __________ than I have"
fewer few
little less
Answer :

52)I think I failed in the examination "In my opinion, the _______ was the most unreasonable"
examination fourth question question fourth of the examination
fourth examination question examination of the fourth question
Answer :

53) I wonder why the boys have n't returned from their trip? 'Ithink, they went ___________ that they got lost"
very far so far
too far as far
Answer :

54)You speak Hindi, don't you "No, I don't speak Hindi, but I ____________ speak English"
do must
have to ought
Answer :

55)How can you keep such long hours? "Well, now I _____________ at night so it isn't hard for me"
am used to working was used to work
used to work used working
Answer :

56)Karan is a miserable person "Of course he is. He's jealous ___________ everyone"
to about
of with
Answer :

57)I didn't have my car last night "If I __________, I would have lent you mine"
had known have known
knew would be knowing
Answer :

58)Does your wife need a new car? "At the moment, she's considering _________ one"
buy to buying
to buy buying
Answer :

59)Did you meet you husband? When did he leave? "No, He ___________ before I got there"
has left leaves
had left was leaving
Answer :

60)The girls have already gone "Yes, the teacher let them _________ early"
left to leave
leaving leave
Answer :

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