31)What suggestion did you give to the student "Well, I recommended that he __________ to the principal"
shall speak spoke
will speak speaks
Answer :

32)John was sorry he missed the lecture "Yes, he ___________"
regretted that he could not attend regretted that can't attend
regretted that he can't attend would regret that he couldn't attend
Answer :

33)Who is the new English Professor? "She is the woman __________ to the manager now"
that speaks speaking
which is speaking that she is speaking
Answer :

34)Why is marry angry? "The teacher made her _______ the verbs"
to study studying
study studies
Answer :

35)Why didn't you attend the concert? "I would have gone if I __________ time"
had had have have
would have have
Answer :

36)What exactly do you require? "I would like to see you __________ a good job on the project"
do to be done
doing have done
Answer :

37)Are you going by boat? "If Hari does, __________
so I do so will I
so do I so, i'll do
Answer :

38) Are you going to send the letter? "Not now, I must have them, ________ first"
signed signing
to be signed to have signed
Answer :

39)Sita said that you had read the book four times "Yes, I found it ___________"
interestingly interest
interested interesting
Answer :

40)I want to speak with Lily as soon as possible "She said she ___________ come tomorrow"
would may
can must
Answer :

41)Mrs. Roy has came up with a good plan "_________ inform everyone today itself?"
Must we May we
Should we Ought we
Answer :

42) Why are you in such a hurry? "The manager said it was important that I __________ the amount immediatly"
returned return
had returned was returned
Answer :

43) Govind hasn't arrived yet "Iwonder ____________"
when will he come when to come
when he is coming when he will come
Answer :

44) I am bored "Let's go _____________"
to fish fish
fishing for fishing
Answer :

45) I'd like to know more about our reletions with Pakistan "Well, Mr Nehru __________ on foreign policy next sunday"
is to lecture who is lecturing
would lecturing would lecture
Answer :

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