106)Do you find it difficult to keep your hat ___________ in this wind?
set sit
on off
Answer :

107)Does your friend know these roads better ____________ Mr. King?
as than
then when
Answer :

108)It is better to learn _____________ thoroughly than a lot badly
a little the few
some a few
Answer :

109)Miss Nandinee has been ill ______________ last october
during by
from since
Answer :

110)Shyam told Priya that she looked as ________ she had caught a cold.
when over
if than
Answer :

111)You usually get into a car, but you invite some one to get ___________
by up
in into
Answer :

112)You can get out _________ a prison, a car, acupboard, a house
of off
from over
Answer :

113)Fishes can get _________ a net, if they are small enough
out through
outside into
Answer :

114)The boy is brilliant, he is sure to get __________well in his job
in up
of on
Answer :

115)Turn off that dreadful music; it gets ___________ my nerves
on into
over above
Answer :

116)Mrs. Verma made the children pick _________ all the rubbish
in up
down over
Answer :

117)I can't make the car ________
went going
gone go
Answer :

118)"Well, would you mind __________ the path across there"
use using
to sue to using
Answer :

119)I wish you ________ with us now
are were
have be
Answer :

120)I wish you _________ marry me
ahall will
would should
Answer :

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