61)He settled himself ________ his arm chair.
on in
over into
Answer :

62)Minority aspirations cannot forever be kept in check _______ the gun.
with from
by through
Answer :

63)Indulge _______ a favourite pastime - losing myself in a book.
in for
on at
Answer :

64)I have got increasingly disillusioned ______ Blair\'s stance on Iraq.
at by
with of
Answer :

65)It tells us that god not only goes out of his way to be fair, but he lets mercy triumph _________ judgement.
in over
at with
Answer :

66)I do not agree ________ you on this point.
to with
in at
Answer :

67)The thunder was accompanied _______ heavy rains.
with by
up into
Answer :

68)He brought him _____ with great difficulty.
about in
up over
Answer :

69)Raja turned _______ the proposal without thinking.
out up
down in
Answer :

70)The coach called _______ the names of the winners.
on at
out for
Answer :

71)He resembles _______ his mother.
at in
with none of these
Answer :

72)One must keep _________ something for the rainy day.
by for
in at
Answer :

73)Mr. Rana has no control _________ his student.
on over
with at
Answer :

74)Under heavy load the bridge may give _______ .
out way
away in
Answer :

75)He has been waiting for me ________ three weeks.
for from
since on
Answer :

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