46)Hari dispensed with the services _________ his dishonest clerk.
of by
for to
Answer :

47)Our country is committed _________ a policy of peaceful existence.
for with
to of
Answer :

48)Can any one stop a man from doing a thing if he is really keen ________ it?
in at
for on
Answer :

49)He is angry with me _________ my carelessness.
at in
for of
Answer :

50)The rainfall ________ a country varies ________ place to palce and also from year ________ year.
over, with, by of, from, after
in, from, to for, with, after
Answer :

51)Engineers have made ships that can sail ________ the sea and fly __________ the air.
along, above on, in
over, into upon, through
Answer :

52)The person deals _________ grain, but did not deal honestly _________ me.
in; with with, by
with, to in, by
Answer :

53)There was no agreement _________ the great powers ________ a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.
between, about among, on
in, for with, about
Answer :

54)The problem _______ housing _________ India is a complex one.
about, in of, in
in, of for, in
Answer :

55)You must hold discussions ________ him _________ that matter shortly.
about, in with, on
with, for about, for
Answer :

56)_____ the topmost branch of the tree sat a monkey making faces _________ us.
on, at on, to
over, to in, for
Answer :

57)Rajesh is labouring ________ a misapprehension, but labouring ________ a cause.
under, for in, towards
by, in with, over
Answer :

58)He is annoyed _______ me _________ what I have done to him.
by, in with, against
at, for with, for
Answer :

59)I must apologise _________ him ________ the wrong I have done him.
from, against from, on
to, for to, against
Answer :

60)The blood stained road was a witness _______ his assassination.
of to
at on
Answer :

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