16)Give an example pertinent __________ the case.
with on
for to
Answer :

17)The candidates were tense _________ expectancy.
with in
on from
Answer :

18)My voice reverberated ________ the walls of the castle.
for from
in on
Answer :

19)These slums are disgrace ________ the civic authorities.
for to
towards on
Answer :

20)Ravi could not dissociate himself _________ what he said earlier.
off with
from of
Answer :

21)The reward was commensurate _________ the work done by us.
for on
order with
Answer :

22)These remarks are certainly derogatory ________ your reputation.
of for
with to
Answer :

23)Their tragic experience in the recent past provides an index __________ the state of lawlessness in this region.
of in
at by
Answer :

24) Neighbouring country is not enamoured __________ the bomb for its own sake.
with for
of by
Answer :

25)Often we do not get what we pine ___________.
about for
at on
Answer :

26)His conduct smacks ________ recklessness.
of with
from in
Answer :

27)He has suffered heavy losses, yet he was rolling ________ wealth
for with
from in
Answer :

28)The customer smashed his fist down _________ the table.
into at
against on
Answer :

29)The servant refused to bow ___________ his master.
on about
upon to
Answer :

30)It dangerous to enter ___________ the enemy\'s camp.
in into
on through
Answer :

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