Political Science

121)How many seats of the Lok Sabha are reserved for Union Territories?
15 18
20 25
Answer :

122)On what basis seats are allotted to the various states in the Lok Sabha.
population of the state size and resources of the state
size, resources and population of the state none of these
Answer :

123)Which of the following states sends maximum number of representatives to the Lok Sabha?
Bihar West Bengal
Hariyana Uttar Pradesh
Answer :

124)The Speaker of Lok Sabha is
appointed by the President himself appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister
elsected by the two houses of the parliament at a joint sitting elected by Lok Sabhs members only
Answer :

125)The term of the Lok Sabha can be extended beyond its normal term of five years
by the President on the recommendation of Prime Minister by the President on the recommendation of the Chief Election Commissioner
by the President alone by the President during National Emergency only
Answer :

126)How long the President can extend the life of the Lok Sabha during national emergency at the first instance?
one month three months
six months one year
Answer :

127)The continuation of national emergency beyond six months is possible only
with the approval of the Parliament with simple majority with the approval of the Parliament by a special majority
with the consent of the Supreme Court as well as Parliament with the approval of the Supreme Court
Answer :

128)The maximum gap between two sessions of the Parliament is
six months three months
seven months nine months
Answer :

129)Who can dissolve the Parliament at any time?
the President the Prime Minister
the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister the Speaker
Answer :

130)The number of times the Lok Sabha is in session in a year
one two
three four
Answer :

131)How many members of Anglo-Indian community are nominated by the President to the Rajya Sabha?
one two
four three
Answer :

132)How has the power to convene joint session of the both houses?
the President the Prime Minister
the Speaker of Lok Sabha the Speaker of Rajya Sabha
Answer :

133)The term of a Rajya Sabha member is
whole life five years
six years four years
Answer :

134)On which one of the following lists of subject the Parliament can legislate?
Concurrent List, Union List, Residuary Subject List State list
Concurrent and State List Union and State list
Answer :

135)A money bill can be introduced in
only Lok Sabha only Rajya Sabha
either houses of the Parliament in a joint sitting of the both houses
Answer :

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