Political Science

76)If the President want to tender his resignation before the expire of his normal term, he has to address it to
the Vice President the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
the Parliament the Prime Minister
Answer :

77)The minimum age of a presidential candidate is
25 years 35 years
60 years 65 years
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78)The President can be impeached from office on the ground of violation of constitution by
the Supreme Court the Supreme Court and High Courts jointly
two houses of Parliament the Lok Sabha
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79)In the event of the death or resignation of the President , the Vice President discharged the duties of the office of president
for rest of the term for maximum one year
for maximum 3 months for maximum 6 months
Answer :

80)In case the Vice President is not available to discharge the duties of President in absence of the President, the duties is discharged by
the Prime Minister Speaker of Lok Sabha
the Chief Justice of India Chairman of Union Public Service Commision
Answer :

81)If the office of the President falls vacant, the same must be filled up within
six months three months
one year four months
Answer :

82)The maximum age limit of a presidential candidate is
60 years 65 years
70 years no age limit
Answer :

83)Which official can declare war or conclude peace?
the Prime Minister the President
the Council of Minister the Parliament
Answer :

84)According to the Indian Constitution who can declare emergency?
the Prime Minister the Council of Ministers
the Parliament the Presedent
Answer :

85)How many members of Rajya Sabha are nominated by the President from the field of art, literature, social services etc?
2 5
12 10
Answer :

86)After a bill is passed by the Parliament and sent to the President for his consideration
he can refuse to sign he has to sign
he can change certain clauses of the bill he can sent back for reconsideration
Answer :

87)The President can make laws through ordinances
on certain subjects even when the Parliament is in session during the recess of Parliament
only on subjects contained in concurrent list under no circumstances
Answer :

88)The financial powers of President of India
certain money bills can be originate in the Parliament only on the recommendation of the President he can advanced money out of the Contingency Fund of India
he can appoint finance commission to recommend distribution of taxes between the Union and State government all of these
Answer :

89)Who is not appointed by the President of India?
judges of the Supreme Court of India judges of High Courts
district and session judges Attorney General of India
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90)How many types of emergencies are envisaged by the Constitution of India
2 3
4 none
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