The Indian Constitution

346)Which Atricle of the constitution of India lays down the provision for a National Commission for SC and ST?
Article 338 Article 337
Article 336 Article 335
Answer :

347)As per the Article 343, which of the following is the official language of the Union of India?
Hindi English
Both (a) and (b) None of these
Answer :

348)Which of the following amendment added the Ninth Schedule to the Indian Constitution?
42 nd 9 th
8 th 1 st
Answer :

349)What does the Ninety Second Amendment Act 2003 of Indian Constitution deals with?
Cyber crime Inclusion of Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali languages in the Eigth schedule
Creation of a seperate commission for ST Making right to free amd compulsory education a fundamental right
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350)Which of the following Constitutional Amendment Act seeks that the size of council of ministers at the centre and in the state must not exceed 15% of the total number of members of Loksabha and state Assembly respectively
97 th 95 th
94 th 91 st
Answer :

351)Which of the following Amendment Act made Sikkim an integral part of India?
34 th 36 th
38 th 42 nd
Answer :

352)Which of the following subject was transfrred from state list to concurrent list by 42nd Amendment Act?
Education Irrigation
Local self government Agriculture
Answer :

353)Which of the following Amendment Act inserted the word "Secularism" in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution?
24th 33th
42nd 44th
Answer :

354)Which of the following Constitutional Amendment is known as Mini Constitution?
24th 42nd
44th 52nd
Answer :

355)Which of the following Constitutional Amendment Act made Delhi National Capital Region (NCR)?
69th 72nd
75th 79th
Answer :

356)The 84th Constitutional Amendment Act frozen the total number of seats in the Lok Sabha on the basis of 1971 census. They shall remain unaltered till the first census to be taken after the year -
2015 2020
2024 2026
Answer :

357)The two veto power of the President in respect to Constitutional Amendment made obligatory by which Amendment act?
42nd 24th
44th 26th
Answer :

358)Which Amendment Act has made it clear that the President in exercise of his functions shall act in accordance with the advice of his council of Ministers?
52nd 45th
44th 42nd
Answer :

359)Anti defection provision was introduced by which Amendment Act?
55th 44th
42nd 52nd
Answer :

360)Which Amendment Act has changed the Preamble of Indian Constitution?
36th 42nd
45th 52nd
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