Political Science

301)The Schedule of the Constitution of India that contains the provisions for the administration and control of scheduled areas in several states is
Nineth Seventh
Fifth Third
Answer :

302)The seventh Schedule of Constitution of India contains provisions regarding
Union, state, Concurrent list Administration of tribal areas
Scheduled languages Oaths and affirmations
Answer :

303)The article of Constitution of India that prohibits censorship is
Article 32 Article 22
Article 19 None
Answer :

304)The tenth Schedule of Constitution of India deals with
Panchayati Raj Anti-defection legislation
Distribution of powers between Union and States Land reforms
Answer :

305)The right that can be enforced under Article 32 is
Statutory rights Customary rights
Fundamental rights None
Answer :

306)"An Article without which the Constitution of India would be nullified. It is the very soul of the Constitution and the very hert of it" - Which Article is referred by Dr. Ambedkar?
Article 10 Article 20
Article 30 Article 32
Answer :

307)The Article of the Constitution of India that enimerates Fundamental Duties of Indian cityzens is
Article 51A Article 50A
Article 51B Article 50B
Answer :

308)Match the following
I. Part IVA                         A. The Union territories
II. Part VIII                       B. The Municipalities
III. Part IX                        C. The Fundamental Duties
IV. Part IXA                        D. Panchatats
Answer :

309)Find the wrong match
Part XX : Amendment Part XVII : Emergency
Part I : Union and States Part IX :Municipalities and Panchayats
Answer :

310)The Article that says "No child below the age of 14 years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or engagged in any other hazardous employment" is-
Article - 50 Article - 365
Article - 24 Article - 55
Answer :

311)The Article of Constitution of India that abolishes untouchability is
Article 25 Article 23
Article 20 Article 17
Answer :

312)Which Article of the Constitution of India empowers the Parliament to make laws under residuary powers?
Article 255 Article 253
Article 248 Article 245
Answer :

313)Which Article of the Constitution of India empowers the Parliament to impeach the President of India?
Article 76 Article 61
Article 370 Article 75
Answer :

314)Choose the following words in correct sequence as mentioned in the preamble of Indian Constitution-
A. Secular
B. Socialist
C. Sovereign
D. Democratic
D, B, A, C C, A, B, D
A, B, C, D C, B, A, D
Answer :

315)The Veerapa Moily Commission in its report on administration reform among other aspect has suggested to remove which of the following pairs of Article from the Constitution of India?
Article 310 and 311 Article 308 and 309
Article 305 and 306 Article 307 and 308
Answer :

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