Political Science

286)The term that was not there in the preamble of Indian Constitution at the time of its enactment is
Equality Justice
Liberty Socialist
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287)The liberty that is not mentioned in the preamble of Indian Constitution is
Liberty of Belief Economic Liberty
Liberty of Expression Liberty of Thought
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288)In the year 1950 the Indian states were divided into categories A, B, C and D. Match these states with their heads
A	Chief Commissioner
B	Governor
C & D	Rajpramukh
A-Governor, B-Rajpramukh, C & D-Chief Commissioner A-Chief Commissioner, B-Rajpramukh, C& D- Governor
A-Rajpramukh, B-Governor, C & D-Chief Commissioner A-Chief Commissioner, B-Governor, C & D-Rajpramukh
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289)Which schedule of the constitution includes Anti-defection provisiond?
Tenth Seventh
Eighth Twelfth
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290)Which part of the Constitution deals with Directive Principles of State Policy?
Part - II Part - III
Part - V Part - IV
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291)Which part of the Constitution deals with Fundamental Rights?
Part - II Part - III
Part - VII Part - V
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292)The Eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution deats with
Municipalities Panchayats
Official Languages Scheduled Tribes
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293)Match the following
I. First Schedule	1. Language
II. Eight Schedule	2. Anti-defection provisions
III. Ninth Schedule	3. Validation of certain Acts and Regulation
IV. Tenth Schedule	4. State
I-1, II-2, III-3, IV-4 I-4, II-1, III-3, IV-2
I-3, II-4, III-1, IV-2 I-4, II-2, III-1, IV-3
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294)Which Scedule of the Indian Constitution deals with Citizenship?
Second Schedule Fourth Schedule
Fifth Schedule Seventh Schedule
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295)Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with appointment and dismissal of the Council of Ministers?
Article 70 Article 73
Article 74 Article 75
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296)The Constitution Amendment procedure is mentioned in the
Article 358 Article 365
Article 368 Article 370
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297)Under which Article the High Courts may issue writs?
Article 126 Article 226
Article 26 Article 326
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298)Which of the following Scedule included in the Indian Constitution by the Constitution Amendment Act?
First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Ninth
Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth
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299)Match the following
I. Article 54		1. Appointment of the Governor
II. Article 75		2. Composition of Legislative Assemblies
III. Article 155		3. Appointment of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
IV. Article 164		4. Election of the President
I-4, II-3, III-1, IV-2 I-4, II-1, III-3, IV-2
I-2, II-4, III-1, IV-3 I-3, II-4, III-2, IV-1
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300)Functions assigned to the Panchayats by 73rd Amendment of the Constitution are described in
Ninth Schedule Tenth Schedule
Eleventh Schedule Twelfth Schedule
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