Political Science

16)Who can recommend abolition or creation of Legislative Council in a State?
The State Council of Ministers Legislative Assembly of the State
Governor of the State Advocate General of the State
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17)A proclamation of failure of the constitutional machinery in a Indian state is valid, in the first instance, for
One month Three months
Four months Six months
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18)Which Fundamental Right of Indian Constitution prohibits traffic in human beings?
Right to equality Right against exploitation
Right to freedom None of these
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19)Two persons are nominated by the President to be members of Lok Sabha to represent the
Anglo Indians Indian Christians
Buddhists Parsis
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20)The Prime Minister is the Chairman of
Planning Commission Union Public Service Commission
Finance Commission Minorities Commission
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21)Which one of the following is not a Union Territory
Arunachal Pradesh Lakshadweep
Andaman Puducherry
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22)The first Constitutional Amendment Act, 1951 was related to
Security of the country Security of the Prime Minister
Protection of agrarian reforms legislation in some states Child marriage
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23)In the event of non-enforcement of Directive Principles of the State by the Government, a citizen of India can move to the
High court Supreme Court
District Court None of these
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24)The member of a State Public Service Commission can be removed on the ground of misbehaviour only after an enquiry has been conducted by the
Committee appointed by the President Supreme Court of India
High Court of the State Committee appointed by the Governor of the State
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25)The Vice-President of India is elected by the
Members of Rajya Sabha Members of Lok Sabha
Members of both the Houses of Parliament Members of Parliament and the Members of State Legislatures
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26)The joint sitting of the Parliament is presided over by the
Prime Minister of India President of India
Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Speaker of the Lok Sabha
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27)Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of India?
Prime Minister Defence Minister
President Home Minister
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28)Take the case of dignity and equal right for women. How do democracies help?
Women in democracies have equal degree of political representation in legislatures. Women in democracies have guaranteed rights and are always treated with respect.
Women in democracies are not subjected to sex discrimination in most aspect of social life In democracies, the principle of equality is accepted as legal norm, which makes it easier to guarantee their freedom and dignity.
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29)The Constitution of India is republican because it
provides for an elected Parliament. provides for adult franchise.
contains a bill of right. has no hereditary elements.
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30)Which one of the following is a fundamental duty of citizens under the Constitution of India?
To provide friendly cooperation to the people of the neighbouring countries. To protect monuments of national importance.
To defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so. To know more and more about the history of India.
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