Political Science

256)Under whom the first draft of the Constitution of India was prepared?
B N Rao Dr. B R Ambedkar
K M Munshi Vallabhbhai Patel
Answer :

257)Who represented Parsi Community in the Constituent Assembly?
B N Rao Frank Antony
H P Modi Harendra Kumar Mukherjee
Answer :

258)The concent of Lokpal and Lokayukta was borrowed from
Council of State in France Ombudsman in Scandinavia
Parliamentary Commissioner of UK Procurator General of Russia
Answer :

259)Match the following
I. Directive Principles                               1. Constitution of Germany
II. Emergency Power of the President                  2. Constitition of Ireland
III. The Union-State relation                         3. Constitution of South Africa
IV. Amendments of the Constitution                    4. Constitution of Canada
I-3, II-4, III-2, IV-1 I-4, II-1, III-2, IV-3
I-4, II-3, III-2, IV-1 I-2, II-1, III-4, IV-3
Answer :

260)Parliamentary system in Indian Constitution has been borrowed from Constitution of
Germany UK
Canada USA
Answer :

261)The word Justice (Social, Economical and Political) mentioned in the Preamble has been taken from
Russian Revolution French Revolution
American Revolution None of these
Answer :

262)State funding of elections is adopted in
France and Italy Germany and Austria
Britain and Switzerland USA and Canada
Answer :

263)The feature of Indian Constitution taken from the Constitution of South Africa
Method of election of President Procedure established by law
Procedure for amendment of constitution and election of Rajya Sabha Members Joint sitting of the Parliament
Answer :

264)Match the following
I. Union of States with greater power with the Union                       1. Canada
II. Directive Principles of State Policy                                   2. Australia
III. Fundamental Rights                                                    3. USA
IV. Concurrent List in Union-State Relation                                4. Ireland
I-1, II-4, III- 3, IV-2 I-3, II-2, III-4, IV-1
I-1, II-2, III-3, IV-4 I-4, II-3, III-2, IV-1
Answer :

265)The concept of single citizenship is taken from the constitution of
Canada USA
UK Ireland
Answer :

266)The features of Indian Constitution that are amendable under Article 368
Sovereignty, territorial integrity and parliamentary system of government Sovereignty, territorial integrity, federal system and judicial review
Sovereignty, territorial integrity and judicial review Federal system and judicial review
Answer :

267)The feature that determines Indian constitution is a federal one
An independent Judiciary Distribution of power between centre and states
Vesting of Residuary Power with the centre A written constitution
Answer :

268)Which one of the following is the most essential feature of Parliamentary form of Government?
Independent Judiciary Written Constitution
Sovereignty of the Parliament Fundamental Rights
Answer :

269)India is a secular state because
state has no religion all religion are equally protected
there will be no discrimination on the basis of religion all of these
Answer :

270)A constitution is generally defined as
Fundamental law of the land Administrative law of the land
Law of the land Constitutional law of the land
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