Political Science

181)Indian National anthem express -
Unity Culture
History Diversity
Answer :

182)The meaning of prejudice is -
to call others superior to abuse others for no reason
to judge other people negatively to give pain to others
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183)Cauvery river water dispute is between
Tamil Nadu and Maharastra Karnataka and Maharastra
Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
Answer :

184)Which of the following oversees the functioning of Gram Panchayats?
The Gram Sabha The Sarpanch
Basic Siksha Adhikari The Gram Sevak
Answer :

185)Which of the following Articles of the constitution mentions the formation of new states?
Article 1 Article 3
Article 3 Article 4
Answer :

186)Which of the following articles mentions the Right of minirities to establis and administer educational institutions?
Article 27 Article 28
Article 29 Article 30
Answer :

187)How many types of writs can be issued under Article 32 for the enforcement of the Fundamental Right?
3 4
5 6
Answer :

188)The constitutional provision of "uniform cilvil code for the citizens" is part of the -
Directive Principles of State Policy Fundamental Right
Preamble Fundamental Duties
Answer :

189)Which of the following Article of the Constitution states the Fundamental Duties?
Article 39A Article 43A
Article 48A Article 51A
Answer :

190)Which of the following is not a feature of Indian federalism?
The constitution provides equal representation to the states in the upper house of the parliament The constitution creates a strong centre
The constitution provides for a common All India Services The constitution provides for single judiciary
Answer :

191)Which of the follwing Articles of the constitution mentions the joint sitting of both Houses of the parliament
Article 107 Article 108
Article 109 Article 110
Answer :

192)Who among the following is the law officer of the Government of India?
Comptroll and Auditor General Solicitor General
Attorney General Advocate General
Answer :

193)Which of the following institutions have reserved seats for woman?
Lok Sabha Legislative Assemblies
Rajya Sabha Panchyats
Answer :

194)Which of the following Schedules of the constitution mentions forms of oaths?
1st Schedule 2nd Schedule
3rd Schedule 4th Schedule
Answer :

195)Which of the following schedules of the constitution mentions the allocation of seats in the Rajya Sabha?
1st Schedule 2nd Schedule
3rd Schedule 4th Schedule
Answer :

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