Political Science

151)Which of the following is not a feature of the constitution of India
Seperation of powers Coalition Government
Federalism fundamental Right
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152)Which of the following institutions in India makes laws
Lok Sabha only Rajya Sabha only
Parliament Supreme Court
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153)Who among the following elect Rajya Sabha Members?
People of Assembly Constituencies People of Parliament Constituencies
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154)Which of the following system of government was adopted by India?
Parliamentary and unitary Presidential and federal
Presidential and unitary Parliamentary and federal
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155)Who among the following is called first citizen of a state?
Home minister Chief justice of high court
Governor Chief minister
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156)Who among the following delivered the famous "Tryst with destiny" speech in 1947?
Mahatma Gandhi Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Dr. B R Ambedkar Jawaharlal Nehru
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157)The constitution describes India as -
Union of states Federation
Federal Republic Federation of states
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158)Who nominates members to the Rajya Sabha ?
Prime minister President
Vice President Chief justice of India
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159)Who nominates the members to Lok Sabha?
President Prime minister
Chief justice Vice President
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160)Which of the following reflects the philosophy of the constitution of India?
Fundamental right Directive principles of state policy
Fundamental duties Preamble
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161)Which of the following institutions has the authority to reconnise political parties in India?
Parliament Supreme court
Union cabinet Election commission
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162)Which of the following is not mentioned in the constitution of India?
Name of the states and union territories Structure of the government
Name of the political parties Fundamental right
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163)When the demand for a constituent assembly was made in modern India?
1919 1920
1934 1947
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164)The separation of powers in the constitution is among-
The legislature, the executive and the judiciary The President, the parliament and the minister
The MPs, the ministers and the Prime minister The president, the Prime minister and the Army
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165)Trafficking human being and forced labour are prohibited in the constitution as -
Right to equality Right to humanity
Right against exploration Right against criminality
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