Political Science

136)In Rajya sabha
one third members retire every two year one half members retire every three years
one fifth members retire every year one half members retire every two years
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137)How long the Rajya Sabha can delayed a money bill passed in the Lok Sabha?
one month two months
14 days 15 days
Answer :

138)Which of the following powers is exclusively vested in Rajya Sabha?
to remove the Vice President to initiate impeachment proceedings against the President
to recommend the creation of new all India services none of these
Answer :

139)Tax levied and expenditure incurred by the government must be approved by
the Council of Ministers the Parliament
the President the Prime Minister
Answer :

140)A member of the Parliament can not be prosecuted for having said anything
during the session of the parliament anywhere in the Parliament and its committees
at the press conference on the floor of the Parliament
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141)Who decides whether a bill is money bill or not?
the Prime Minister the President
the Parliamentary Select Committee the Speaker of the Lok Sabha
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142)Which kinds of Justice is not mentioned in the Preamble to the constitution?
Social Natural
Economic Political
Answer :

143)Which of these features is not a guiding value of the Indian Constitution?
No external power can dictate to the Government of India The head of the state is a hereditary position
All people are equal before law Citizens have complete freedom to follow any religion
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144)Which of the following fundamental rights prohibits employment of children below the age of 14?
Right to equality Right to freedom
Right against exploiration Cultural and educational rights
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145)Which of the following deals with the matters in Concurrent List of the Constitution of India?
Union Govt. and State Govt. State Govt. and local Govt. bodies
Union Territories Local govt. bodies
Answer :

146)Which of the following stateshas the most number of parliamentary constituencies
Maharastra West Bengal
Bihar Tamil Nadu
Answer :

147)How many MPs are elected to the Lok Sabha from all the Union Territories?
8 10
11 13
Answer :

148)Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?
Dr. V V Giri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Dr. B R Ambedkar C. Rajagopalachari
Answer :

149)Which of the following is not part of the Parliament of India?
The President The Lok Sabha
The Supreme Court The Rajya Sabha
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150)Who among the following played a decisive role in integrating the Princely State of India?
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Dr. B R Ambedkar Jawaharlal Nehru
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