Gen. Science

87)Perspiration (sweat) is maximum when
temperature is high and air is humid temperature is high and air is dry
temperature is low and air is humid temperature is low and air is dry
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88)Scalding with boiling water is less severe than scalding by steam because
steam is at higher temperature that boiling water steam can penetrate the skin
steam contains more energy than boiling water steam is in higher pressure
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89)A person feels cold after a deep in sea water because
deposition of salt on the body convection current
the evaporation of water on the body the difference in temperature between land and sea
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90)Even in a hot day also the surface water of a pond remains cool because
the heat absorbs at the surface transmitted downwards water evaporates at the surface and it causes cooling
water at the bottom remains cool and rises up none of these
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91)The capacity of holding water vapour in the atmosphere
decreases as temperature increases increases as temperature increases
increases as temperature decreases decreases as temperature decreases
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92)The boiling point of water depends on
the atmospheric pressure the material of the container
relative humidity none of these
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93)Cooking some thing on a hill take long time than in the plain because
due to the atmospheric pressure on the hill boiling point of water rises and takes long time to cook on the hill atmospheric pressure is low so water boils at lower temperature so it takes long time to cook
on the hill atmospheric temperature is low so lot of heat goes to the atmosphere so it takes long time to cook humid air on the hill takes away the heat so it takes long time to cook
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94)Food is cooked faster in pressure cooker because
heat can not escape steam is hotter than boiling water
due to the high pressure water boils at high temperature in the cooker water boils at very low temperature
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95)Why a solar cooker has a glass cover?
because glass is good conductor of heat and cheap because glass allow light to pass through but does not allow heat radiation to pass through
because through one can see the food cooking because glass does not absorb heat radiation
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96)Light waves are different from sound waves
Sound waves are not electromagnetic but light waves are electromagnetic. Light waves travel in equal speed in all media but sound waves do not
Light can travel through water but sound can not none of these
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97)Which of the following has longest wave length?
light rays ultra-violet ray
infrared ray gamma rays
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98)Which layer of the atmosphere is responsible for reflecting radio waves to the earth?
stretosphere troposphere
messosphere ionosphere
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99)Quality of radio reception increases slightly during night because
No noise during night sun light affects the radio signal
intensity of radio signal is more at night earth magnetic field does not affect the radio signal at night
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100)Television signal is limited to a particular distance because
of the earth carvature of weakening of signal beyond the distance
of absorption of signal in the air of the small antenna
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101)Generally radar is used for
detecting and finding position of aeroplane studying sun spot
studying weather studying earthquake
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