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42) Two identical piano wires have same fundamental frequency when kept under the the same tension.What will happen if tension of one of the wires is slightly increased and both the wires are made to vibrate simultaneously?
noise beats
resonance non-linear effects
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43)What is the major role of a greenhouse gas that contributes to temperature rise of the Earth\'s surface?
Transparent to both incoming sunlight and outgoing infrared radiation. Stops both incoming sunlight and outgoing infrared radiation.
Lets outgoing infrared radiation pass through but stops incoming sunlight. Lets incoming sunlight pass through but stops outgoing infrared radiation .
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44)The best colour of sun umbrella will be
black on top and red on inside. black on top and white on inside.
red on top and black on inside. white on top and black on inside.
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45)Before X-ray examination (coloured X-ray) of the stomach, patients are given suitable salt of barium because
barium salt is white in colour and this helps stomach to appear clearly. barium is good absorber of X-ray and helps stomach to appear clearly.
barium salt are easily available. barium allows X-ray to pass through the stomach.
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46)The elements of a group in the periodic table
have similar chemical properties. have consecutive atomic numbers.
are isobers. are isotopes.
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47)Which one of the following polymers is used for making bulletproof material?
Polyvinyl chloride Polystyrene
Poliethylene Polyamide
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48)The pH of human blood is mornally around
4.5 - 5.5 5.5 - 6.5
7.5 - 8.0 8.5 - 9.0
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49)The pH of fresh groundwater slightly decreases upon exposure to air because
carbon dioxide from air dissolved in the water. oxygen from the air is dissolved in the water
the dissolved carbon dioxide of the groundwater escapes into air. the dissolved oxygen of the groundwater escapes into air.
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50)Which one of the following vitamins is necessary for blood clotting?
Vitamin A Vitamin B
Vitamin K Vitamin D
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51)The micro-nutrients provided by inorganic fertilisers are
carbon, iron, and boron magnesium, manganese and sulphur
magnesium, zinc and iron nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium
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52)The ultimate cause of water movement in a plant stem against gravity is
osmosis transpiration
photosynthesis diffusion
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53)Which one of the following non-toxic gases helps in formation of enzymes which ripen fruit?
Acctylene Ethane
Methane Carbon dioxide
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54)Age of a fossil may be found out by determining the ratio of two isotopes of carbon. The isotopes are
C -12 and C - 13 C - 13 and C - 14
C - 12 and C - 14 C - 12 and carbon black
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55)A scientist from USA discovered \'BISIN\', which
is a natural preservative and can extend food\'s life for several years. can insulate cells of brain.
claims for fastest prevention of bacterial infection. is a distance galaxy.
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56)Which one of the following statements is correct?
All proteins are enzymes. All enzymes are proteins.
None of the enzymes is protein. None of the proteins is enzyme.
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