General Science

356)One HP(Horse Power) is equal to
1000W 500W
646W 746W
Answer :

357)The unit of reterdation is
m/s m/s2
m2/s2 m2/s
Answer :

358)Spot the wrong equation
v = u + as s = ut + ½ at2
v = u + at v2 + u2 = 2as
Answer :

359)One Newton is equal to
100dyne 10dyne
105 107
Answer :

360)Working of rocket based on which one of the following laws?
Low of conservation of energy Newton's First law of motion
Newton's Second law of motion Newton's Third law of motion
Answer :

361)While we swimm which law of motion is in action?
Newton's Second law of motion Newton's First law of motion
Newton's Third law of motion Law of conservation of energy
Answer :

362)Freely falling bodies have the same-
acceleration velocity
speed force
Answer :

363)Weight of a body is-
mass force
momentum force with which it is attracted to the earth
Answer :

364)The acceleration due to grvity 'g' is zero
on the surface of the earth at the centre of the earth
on the sea level on the mount Everest
Answer :

365)A loaded truck and a car moving at the same velocity, which one will have more kinetic energy?
Truck Car
Both will have same kinetic energy None of these
Answer :

366)In a circuit 1.2amp current is flowing due to 3.6volt potential difference, the resistance is
1/3 ohm 3 ohm
30 ohm 1ohm
Answer :

367)The scientific principle on which radio and television work is
electromagnetic induction super conductivity
propagation of electromagnetic waves magnetism
Answer :

368)In planetary motion
linear momentum remains constant linear speed remains constant
Angular momentum remains constant Angular speed remains constant
Answer :

369)Having temperature constant the speed of sound in humid air as compared to dry air is
more less
same speed of sound is indipendent of characteristics of medium
Answer :

370)Why Newton's law of gravity is called universal law?
It is more on earth than on moon It acts on all bodies having mass equally
It is attractive in nature None of these
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