341)To start a loaded trolley bag, one has to exart more force than when it is moving. This is an example of -
Newton's Second law of motion Newton's First law of motion
Newton's Thirs law of motion First law of thermodynamics
Answer :

342)An ice ball floats in a water tank, when the ice melts the water level will
Rise Fall down
No change None of these
Answer :

343)In scuba diving, while ascending towards the water surface, there is a danger of bursting the lungs, it is because
Boyle's law Grahams's law of diffusion
Henry's law Archimede's Principle
Answer :

344)Lack of atmosphere around the moon is due to
Low gravitational attraction High escape velocoty of air molecule low gravitational attraction
Low escape velocoty of air molecule low gravitational attraction High escape velocoty of air molecule
Answer :

345)When we pull out the plug connected to an electrical appliance, we often observe a spark, To which property of the appliance is it related?
Inductance Resistance
Wattage Capacitance
Answer :

346)If the door of a running refrigerator in a closed room is kept open, waht will be the net effect on the room?
It will heat the room It will cool the room
It will make no difference on the average It will make temperature up and down
Answer :

347)Which one of the following pairs of physical quantities has the same dimension?
Latent heat and specific heat surface tension and tension
Acceleration due to gravity and gravitational constant Momentum and impulse
Answer :

348)If the spinning speed of the earth is increased then the weight of body at the equator will
Increase Decrease
No change Double
Answer :

349)Transformer is used in between the electric power station and homes or factories in order to
Minimise the power loss in transmission cables Minimise the voltage loss in transmission cables
Keep the voltage constant at the user end Minimise the current loss in transmission cables
Answer :

350)Confirmation of the presence of Higgs Boson will justify
The steady state model of the universe Both the standard model and superstring theory
The mass of the fundamental particle None of these
Answer :

351)Tsunami causes devastation near the coast of the sea because the speed of the sonic waves generated at the epicentre is
directly proportional to the depth of the sea inversely proportional to the depth of the sea
inversely proportional to the distance between the coast and epicentre directly proportional to the distance between the coast and epicentre
Answer :

352)Hydraulic bracks and hydralic lifts are divices in which fluids are used for transmitting
Momentun Power
Pressure None of these
Answer :

353)When a bar magnet is cut into two equal halves, the pole strength of each piece
becomes half becomes double
becomes quadraple remain same
Answer :

354)A body initially at rest is acted upon by a constant force. The rate of change of its kinetic energy varies
Linearly with square root of time Linearly with time
Inversely with time Linearly with square of time
Answer :

355)The major cause of blurring and unsharp images of objects observed through very large telescope at the extreme limit of magnification is
Poor optical polish achievable on large mirrors Verying density of air in the earth' atmosphere
Poor tracking capacities of telescopes Air turbulance of earth's atmosphere
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