311)When electrons come to lower energy state they emit light which can be observed in
Emission Spectra Absorption spectra
Fluorescence spectra Raman spectra
Answer :

312)Neutrons are slowed down in a niclear reactor by
Controll rods Cooling system
Moderator Fissionable material
Answer :

313)The sub-atomic particle having no mass and no charge but only spin is
Meson Neutrino
Electron Neutron
Answer :

314)In the resistance colour code the fourth bands signifies
Power of ten Tolerance level
Material of the resistence Total value of the resistance
Answer :

315)Which of the following is the measure of inertia?
Velocity Weight
Mass Accleration
Answer :

316)The hypothetical hole in astrophysics from which stars and energy emerge is
Black hole White hole
Ozone hole Asteroid belt
Answer :

317)A stireed liquid comes to rest due to
Surface tension Density
Gravitation Viscosity
Answer :

318)A substance which is good absorber of heat is also a
Good radiator Good reflector
Bad radiator Bad reflector
Answer :

319)A body moving with uniform speed
may have uniform velocity can not have uniform velocity
must have uniform velocity will have no velocity
Answer :

320)The rainbow formation in the sky is primarily due to
Refraction of sunlight Total internal reflection of sunlight
Dispersion of sunlight Reflection of sunlight
Answer :

321)With respect to X-ray which of the following statements is/are correct?
A. They can penetrate through a thin sheet of aluminium
B. They produce heat when absorbed by matter
C. They are generated by fast moving electron strike a metal target.
A only C only
B and C A, B and C
Answer :

322)The material which is weakly repelled by a magnet is called
Dia-magnetic material Magnetic material
Ferro- magnetic material Para- magnetic material
Answer :

323)The evidence that suggest that the universe is expanding is
Occurance of supernova explosions Red shift phenomenon in space
Detection of microwaves in space Movement of asteroid in space
Answer :

324)A person will feel himself heavier in a lift when it
is moving down is moving up
Just begins to move up Descends freely
Answer :

325)A swinging pendulum will have maximum accleration at
the bottom of the swing every point of the swing
the two extreme ends none of these
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