Physical SCience

296)The activities of Indian Remote Sensing satellite are
A. Mineral exploration
B. Communication
C. Trafic studies
D. Locatiing groundwater
E. Assessment of crop productivity
A, B, C and D A, B, C and E
A, D and E A, B and C
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297)What is the importance of discovery of Higgs boson?
It will enable us to understand why elementary particles have mass It will enable us to transfer matter from one place to another without traversing the space between them
It will enable us to create better fuel in future All of these
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298)Which type of pen use capillary action and gravity for flow of ink?
Fountain pen Ball pen
Gel pen Both ball pen and gel pen
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299)The dimension MLT2 is for
Velocity Accleration
Work done Force
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300)In order to avoid the buckling of a beam, one has to
A. Use material with high Young's modulus
B. Use material with low Young's modulus
C. Construct the beam with large load bearing surface and enough depth
D. Construct the beam with small load bearing surface and enough depth
A only B only
C and D A and C
Answer :

301)Which one of the following is correctly arranged in descending order of energy
X-ray, IR ray, UV ray, Gamma ray Gamma ray, X-ray, UV ray, IR ray
Gamma ray, UV ray, X-ray, IR ray X-ray, Gamma ray, UV ray, IR ray
Answer :

302)In respect to magnetic properties, oxygen is a
Magnetic material Paramagnetic material
Ferromagnetic material Diamagnetic material
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303)Maximum sound tolerace of human being is
70db to 85db 50db to 70db
60db to 85db 65db to 85db
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304)The similarity between electromagnetic force and gravitational force is that - in both the cases, the force is
between charged objects between massive and neutral objects
a short range a long range
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305)In incandescent electric bulb -
The electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy The electric energy is completely converted into light energy
The electric energy is partly converted into light energy and partly converted into heat energy None of these
Answer :

306)Which of the following range of frequencies is used by Message Signal in general?
Audio frequency Radio frequency
Both (a) and (b) None of these
Answer :

307)Light Emitting Diode (LED) converts -
thermal energy into light energy mechanical energy into light energy
light energy into electric energy electrical energy into light energy
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308)Fibre optics works on the principle of
difuse reflection of light regular reflection of light
totoal internal reflection of light refraction of light
Answer :

309)The founder of quantum theory of radiation is -
S N Bose Bohr
Einstein Plank
Answer :

310)Which of the following is proved by Rutherford's experiment?
The presence of electron in atom The presence of neutron in atom
THe presence of atom in matter The presence of nucleus in atom
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