Physical Science

281)The pole star does not seem to move because
it moves around the sun and not the earth it is in line with the earth's axis of rotation
its movement can be seen only during solar eclipse it rotates very rapidly
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282)Which of the following do not belong to the solar system
planets asteriods
nebulae comets
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283)Which planet has prominent rings around it
Uranus Mars
Saturn Jupitar
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284)The heaviest among the inner planets is the
Mercury Mars
Venus Earth
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285)Which planets do not have satelites revolving around them?
Mercury and Venus Mars and Mercury
Neptune and Saturn Mars and Venus
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286)Which planet has the maximum number of satellites?
Uranus Jupitar
Saturn Mars
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287)The tail of a comet always points away from the sun due to
centrifugal force force of repulsion
solar radiation and solar wind none of these
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288)Which comet was seen in 1910 and again in 1986
Great comet Holme's comet
Kohoutek comet Halley's comet
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289)We see only one side of the moon all the time because
the speed of rotation of the moon is very high the period of rotation of the moon on its axis is equal to the period of revolution around the earth
the period of revolution of the moon around the earth is same as that of the earth around the sun the moon does not rotate on its axis
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290)What is the source of electric energy in an artificial satellite?
a dynamo a thermopile
solar cells a mini nuclear reactor
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291)Treads on the shoe soles are made to
dcerease friction increase durability
increase friction increase strength
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292)Broad wooden sleepers are places below the rails to
hold the rails parallel reduce pressure exerted by the train
fix the fish plates properly act as shock absorber
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293)An artificial satellite can be tracked very precisely from the earth by sung
sonar rader
Zeeman effect Doppler effect
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294)The sun is
medium-sized star small star
a big star not a star
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295)Heavenly matter landing on the earth's surface is known as
shooting star meteor
meteorite UFO
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