Gen. Science

13) A horse pulling a tonga moves forward due to the force exerted by
the horse on the tonga the tonga on the horse
the horse on the ground with his feet the ground on the horse\'s feet
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14) A sheet of paper can be pulled out quickly from under a glass of water without spilling the water. This due to
Newton\'s third law of motion inertia
acceleration lack of friction between paper and glass
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15)Winding a watch is actually the process of storing
potential energy kinetic energy
electromagnetic energy electrical energy
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16)A person having AB group of blood can donate to a person having
A group B group
AB group O group
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17)A long thread suspended from a fixed point, has a small mass swinging to and fro at its lower end.
The potential energy of the mass is maximum in the middle of the swing. The kinetic energy is maximum in the middle of the swing.
The potential energy is always equal to the kinetic energy. The sum of the potential and kinetic energy is maximum in the middle of the swing.
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18)Conservation of energy means.
Energy can be created as well as destroyed. Energy can be created but can not be destroyed.
Energy cannot be created but can be destroyed. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
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19)A person climbing a hill bends forward in order to
avoid slipping. increase speed
reduce fatigue. increase stability.
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20)The period of a geostationary satellite is
40 hours 24 hours
12 hours 36 hours
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21)If an apple is released from an orbiting spaceship, it will
fall towards the earth move along the spaceship at the same speed
move at the higher speed move with lower speed
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22)The density of sea water increases as
depth and salinity decrease depth decreases and salinity increases
depth increases and salinity decreases depth and salinity increase
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23)When a ship enters sea from a river
it rises a little it sinks a little
it remains at the same level it rises or sinks depending on the material it is made of
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24)A steel ball floats on mercury because
mercury does not allow any metal ball to sink in it. mercury is also a metal in liquid form.
the density of mercury is higher than that of steel. a steel ball can be made float on any liquid by suitable adjustment.
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25)Atmospheric pressure is measured with
hydrometer barometer
hygrometer altimeter
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26)The atmosphere exerts enormous pressure on us. But we do not feel it because
we are used to it. our bones are very strong and withstand this pressure.
the surface area of our head is very small. our blood exert a pressure slightly more than that of the atmosphere.
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27)In barometer mercury is preferred over water because
mercury is a good conductor of heat. mercury is shining and its level can be seen easily.
mercury is available in pure form. mercury has high density and low vapour pressure.
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