Physical Science

206)Alcohol is used as a thermimetric liquid when it is used to measure
Low temperature Very high temperature
High temperature None of these
Answer :

207)Water pipes are apt to burst in cold weather because
They contract due to cold weather The water in the pipe can not evaporate
They expand due to cold weather The water in the pipe turns into ice and expands
Answer :

208)Humidity in air is measured by
Manometer Hydrometer
Hygrometer None of these
Answer :

209)Why does ice in sawdust not melt quickly?
Sawdust does not allow the air to touch the ice Sawdust is a bad conductor of heat
The water is absorbed by sawdust none of these
Answer :

210)Clear sky is blue in colour, why?
Blue colour scatters more than other colours Blue colour absorbed in the sky
Red colour scatters more than other colours None of these
Answer :

211)Grass looks green because
It is by nature It reflects green light
It absorbs all the colours of white light except green colour It absorbs green colour of white light
Answer :

212)Why does evaporation bring a fall in temperature?
It gives out heat it absorbs heat
It is natural None of these
Answer :

213)Among cold, warm and boiling water which one is best fire extinguisher?
Hot water Cold Water
Boiling water None of them
Answer :

214)Acoustic is the science dealing with the study of
Light Space
Sound Matter
Answer :

215)At which location on the earth a body weight least?
North Pole South Pole
Equator None of these
Answer :

216)Fathometer is used to
Measure heat Measure current
Measure depth of ocean Measure intensity of sound
Answer :

217)The instrument used for recording sound under water is
Hydrophone Gravimeter
Hygrometer None of these
Answer :

218)Light year is unit of
Distance Time
Velocity None of these
Answer :

219)Essential component of cement is
Gypsum Sandstone
Bauxite Limestone
Answer :

220)Stainless steel is made up of
Copper and cadmium Zinc and Tin
Chromium and Carbon Aluminium and Zinc
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