Physical Science

191)Who had invented wireless telegraph?
Alfred Noble Waterman
J L Baird Marconi
Answer :

192)Who discovered heavy hydogen?
L C Urey Frank Whitt
Lister J J Thomson
Answer :

193)Who discovered cosmic ray?
James Watt Milikan
Brequet Cavendish
Answer :

194)Photometer is used for the determination of
Electric potential Altitude
Specufic gravity Intensity of illumination
Answer :

195)Quantum Theory was discovered by
J Priestly W K Roentgoen
Max Plank Marconi
Answer :

196)What do yo associate with Fermi?
Wirless Telegraph Atom Bomb
Raman effect South pole
Answer :

197)The coil of an electric heater is made of
Brass Copper
Iron Nichrome
Answer :

198)Which one of the following is the purest form of water?
Rain water Surface water
Well water Tubewell water
Answer :

199)Hydrogen is an important constituent of
Water Petroleum
Natural gas all of these
Answer :

200)Who discovered that the earth moves round the sun?
Newton Galileo
Copernicus Aristotle
Answer :

201)Electron volt is unit of -
Charge Energy
Potential None of these
Answer :

202)How does a yellow flower look in red light?
Black Red
Yellow Blue
Answer :

203)How does a Yellow flower look in blue light?
Black Blue
Red White
Answer :

204)Law of Electrolysis was discovered by
Snell Dalton
Rutherford Faraday
Answer :

205)The most abundant element in earth's crust is
Hydrogen Nitrogen
Oxygen None of these
Answer :

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