Physical Science

176)Which part of the camera is analogous to the retina in the human eye
aperture shutter
film lense
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177)When a person enters a dark room from bright light, he is not able to see clearly for a while because-
iris is unable to dilate the pupil immediately eye is unable to adjust itself immediately
retina becomes insensitive momentarily distance between the lens and retina takes time to adjust
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178)The accomodation of the eye is produced by
change the size of the pupil the ciliary muscles
the forward movement of the retina contraction of iris
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179)The sky appears blue because
it is actually blue all colours interfere to produce blue
in the white light in the space blue colour dominates the atmosphere scatters blue colours more than the others
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180)To an astronaut, the outer space appears
white black
blue crimson
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181)In the upper space astronaut
can not see stars during day can see stars during day all the direction
can see stars during the day opposite the sun can not see stars at all
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182)Why the sun appears deep orange - red before it sets?
because it is hotter at the end of the day because it contains more helium in the evening
because its light has to travell a thicker atmosphere so other colours get scattered and do not reach us because it emits anoy orange-red light
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183)Soap bubbles show multiple colours when viewed in white light because of
the interference of the reflected light the scattering of light by the film
the characteristics colours of the soap solution the disperson of light
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184)The technique of recording and reproducing three-dimensional images of objects is known as
audiography lexicography
photography holography
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184)When a wave goes from one place to another, it transports
matter mass
energy nothing
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186)The pitch (or shrillness) of sound is determined by its
speed frequency
amplitude loudness
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187)The loudnes of a sound wave is determined by its
amplitude frequency
speed wavelength
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188)A woman's voice is shrillers than a man's due to
higher amplitude lower frequency
higher frequency higher speed
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189)Sound travells at maximum speed in
vacuum air
water steel
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190)Echoes are produced due to
refraction of sound reflection of sound
diffraction of sound polarization of sound
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