Gen. Science

132)Which one of the following is a friction reducing method?
change over from rolling to sliding change over from sliding to rolling
change over from potential energy to kinetic energy change over from kinetic energy to potential energy
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133) Isotopes of an element contain same number of
neutrons but different number of protons protons but different number of neutrons
electrons and neutrons protons and neutrons
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134)Which one of the following is not a chemical change?
rusting of iron magnetization of iron
digestion of food conversion of milk into curd
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135)A freely falling body has uniform
speed velocity
acceleration weight
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136) The main constituent of gobar gas is
hydrogen ethane
carbondioxide methane
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137)Rate of change of velocity is called
speed momentum
acceleration weight
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138)Which one of the following is called \'Adam\'s Apple\' in human body?
liver kidney
thymus thyroid
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139)Why the moon does not have atmosphere?
because of the rocky surface because of low gravitational pull
because of low temperature all of these
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140)Which colour has got maximum refractive index in glass?
violet blue
green red
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141)Which of the following is common bleaching agent?
sodium chloride sodium hydroxide
chlorine calcium chloride
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142)Element found in all organic compounds is
oxigen carbon
nitrogen hydrogen
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143)Weight of a body in an orbiting satellite is
same as on earth more than that of of on earth
zero less than that of on earth
Answer :

increases with temperature decreases with temperature
maximum at very low temperature does not change with temperature
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145)Liquid exerts pressure equally in all direction. This is
Boyle\'s law Pascal\'s law
Archimedes\' principle Charles\'s law
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