106)A specific low molecular weight substance such as the product of another enzyme in the chain reaction which binds with a specific site of the enzyme different from its substrate binding site is called as
Irreversible inhibitor Competitive inhibitor
Allosteric modulator Non-competitive inhibitor
Answer :

107)Sulpha drugs control bacterial pathogens by
They are competitive inhibitors of folic acid synthesis in bacteria They control the bacterial pathogens by feedback inhibition
Non-competitive inhibition Allosteric modulation
Answer :

108)Cyanide kills an animal by
Competitive inhibitor of enzyme cytochrome oxidise Killing brain cells
Killing the cells of cardiac muscles Inhibiting cytochrome oxidise, a mitochondrial enzyme essential for cellilar respiration by non-competitive inhibition
Answer :

109)Which of the following is not an example of feed back inhibition?
Inhibition of hexokinase by glucose-6-phosphate Inhibition of succinic dehydrogenase by malonate
Inhibition of threonine deaminase by isoleucine in bacteria Inhibition of phosphofructokinase by ATP
Answer :

110)Which one of the following is not a non competitive inhibitor
Cyanide H2S
Malonic acid HCO3-
Answer :

111)In non competitive inhibition
The enzyme gets activated The tertiary structure of enzyme is destroyed
The inhibitor gets absorbed on the active site of the enzyme The enzyme gets hydrolysed completely
Answer :

112)In enzyme pepsin
Two third of amino acids are working actively as enzyme The whole surface of enzyme is active
Only one amino acid tyrosine of this enzyme is active and rest amino acids are inactive Three fourth of the amino acids are working actively as enzyme
Answer :

113)The feed back effect in enzymatic action refers to
The effect of enzyme concentration on its rate of action The effect of substrate on the rate of enzyme action
The effect of an external compound on the rate of enzymatic action The effect of end products on the rate of enzymatic action
Answer :

114)The lock and key hypothesis was propounded by
Koshland Kuhne
Emil Fischer Buchner
Answer :

115)The best evidence for template theory of enzyme action is
Compounds dissimilar in structure to the substrate inhibit the reaction Enzymes determine the direction of reaction
Enzymes speed up reactions by definite amount Compounds similar in structure to the substrate inhibit the reaction
Answer :

116)The number of isoenzyme forms of alcohol dehydrogenose in maize are
4 8
16 100
Answer :

117)According to IUB system of nomenclature the enzymes are divided into
4 classes 6 classes
8 classes 12 classes
Answer :

118)The required pH for action of trypsin is
2 4.5
7 8
Answer :

119)Enzyme bromelain is found in
Guava Papaya
Pineapple Cucurbita
Answer :

120)In which of the following extra cellular enzymes are not found?
Insectivorous plant Green algae
Bacteria Fungi
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