76)Most abundant RNA of the cell is
t-RNA-threonine m-RNA
Answer :

77)Which RNA delivers the correct amino acid for protein synthesis?
hn-RNA t-RNA
Answer :

78)In which of the following anticordon occurs?
Answer :

79)Nucleic acids were first discovered by
Flemming Altmann
Koch Meischer
Answer :

80)Which of the following nitrogenous base is not found in RNA?
Uracil Cytosine
Adenine Thymine
Answer :

81)RNA is polymer of
Deoxyribonucleotides Ribonucleotides
Deoxyribonucleosides Ribonucleosides
Answer :

82)t - RNA constitutes about
15% of the total RNA 1 - 3% of the total RNA
70-80% of the total RNA 5% of the total RNA
Answer :

83)The two strands of DNA are coiled around
Differently Each other
Different axis A common axis
Answer :

84)With which of the following adenine of DNA pairs?
Thymine Uracil
Guanine Cytosine
Answer :

85)Distance between two strands of DNA is
3.4 Å 34 Å
20 Å 340 Å
Answer :

86)The denaturation of DNA can take place due to
High temperature High pH
Low pH All of these
Answer :

87)The two strands od DNA are held together by bonds of
Oxygen Hydrogen
Nitrogen Carbon
Answer :

88)The low melting area of DNA is
A - U base pairs G - C base pairs
A - T base pairs Both (b) and (c)
Answer :

89)Single stranded DNA is found in
Bacteriophage Φ x 174 Reo virus
Retro virus Wound tumour virus
Answer :

90)The term enzyme was coined by
Buchner Boveri
Kuhne De Duve
Answer :

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