61)Most of the blood proteins in our body are
Acidic Basic
Neutral None of there
Answer :

62)Cadein of milk is
Metaloprotein Chromoprotein
Phosphoprotein Glycoprotein
Answer :

63)Prolamines are_______.
Structural proteins Associated with nucleic acids
Storage proteins Enzymatic proteins
Answer :

64)The protein that involves in the transportation of organic compounds through phloem is
Glutelin Protamine
Myosin P-Protein
Answer :

65)Cheese is a ____________.
Conjugated protein Denatured protein
Globular protein All of these
Answer :

66)Which one of the following is storage protein of eheat?
Oryzin Glutelin
Zein Hordein
Answer :

67)__________ is contractile protein
Myosin P-Protein
Permeases Albumin
Answer :

68)The storage preotein of casto oil seeds is
Tuberin Ricin
Leucosin Legumin
Answer :

69)________ is a fibrous protein
Histone Glutelin
Albumin Keratin
Answer :

70)Lysine is an essential amino acid as
it has a high nutritive value it is very rare
it is not formed in the body and has to be provided through diet it is an important constituent of all protiens
Answer :

71)The backbone of a nucleic acid strand is made up of
Sugar and phosphate Sugar and base
Base and phosphate Sugar, base abd phosphate
Answer :

72)Which one of the following is not present in DNA?
Adenine Guanine
Thiamine Cytosine
Answer :

73)In which of the following nucleotides take part ?
Energy transfer system Information transfer system
Formation of NAD and FAD which act as co-enzymes of oxidising enzyme All of these
Answer :

74)A nucleotide is made up of
Nitrogeneous base and sugar Nitrogenase base, sugar and phosphate
Phosphate and N-base None of these
Answer :

75)Which one of the following is not a product, when Nucleoside is hydrolysed?
Phosphoric acid Sugar
Nitrogenous base Sugar and nitrogenous base
Answer :

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