46)Find the basic aminoacids?
Glutamic acid and aspartic acid Histidine and proline
Lysine and arginine Glycine and alanine
Answer :

47)The simplest amino acid -
Tyrosine Alanine
Asparagine Glycine
Answer :

48)The hormone adrenaline is formed from __________ amino acids
Tyrosine Glycine
Alanine Tryptophan
Answer :

49)The aminoacid involves in formation of Heme
Tyrosine Glycine
Tryptophan Histidine
Answer :

50)Vitamin nicotinamide and the plant hormone indole-3-acetic acid are formed from
Alanine Serine
Tryptophan Glutamic acid
Answer :

51)On losing the carboxyl group as carbon dioxide aminoacids form biologically active
Amine such as histamine Glucose
N-base Alcohol
Answer :

52)From which of the following skin pigment melanin is formed
Threonine and serine Tyrosine and serine
Tryptophan and phenylalanine Phenylalanine and tyrosine
Answer :

53)Point out the alcoholic amino acid pair?
Tryptophan and phenylalanine Phenylalanine and tyrosine
Tyrosine and serine Threonine and serine
Answer :

54)Which one of the following is not an essential amino acid
Leucine and isoleucine Lysine and methionine
Tryptophan and valine None of these
Answer :

55)Which of the following amino acid does not contain sulphur?
Methionine Tryptophan
Cysteine Cystine
Answer :

56)Which one of the following is heterocyclic amino acid?
Histidine Proline
Hydroxy proline All of these
Answer :

57)Which one of the following is a neutral amino acid?
Glycine Arginine
Aspartic Glutamic acid
Answer :

58)Find out the non polar amino acid?
Serine Glutamic acid
Alanine None of these
Answer :

59)ß - pleated structure of protein is present in silk fibres, the protein is
Collagen Keratin
Rayon Fibroin
Answer :

60)Hair keratin has
ß - pleated structure of protein α (alpha) helical structure of protein
Secondary structure of protein Primary structure of protein
Answer :

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