541)A protein with α - helix or β - pleated structure represent
Tertiaer structure Secondary structure
Primary structure Quaternary structure
Answer :

542)The protein structure that gives a 3-dimensional view is
Tertiary structure α - helix
β - pleated sheath Primary structure
Answer :

543)Find the incorrectly matched amino acid with its function-
I. Glycine                      Building block of proteins
II. Histidine                  Formation of vasodilator hisamine by removal of an amino group
III. Tyrosine                  Forms catecholamines
IV. Tryptophan             Forms auxins
I III and IV
Answer :

544)Find out the correct statement-
Structural secondary proteins can be exemplified by RuBisCo High temperature leads to denaturation as well as denaturation of proteins
Triglycerides are truly or strictly macromolecules Insulin is a heteropolymer
Answer :

545)On hydrolysis, uridine would not yeld
Monosaccharide sugar Phosphate group
Heterocyclic compound Both (b) and (c)
Answer :

546)Which of the following is not a function of steroids?
To form channels and pumps Essential component of animal plasmalemma
To form bile salt To form vitamin D
Answer :

547)Which one of the following is not a steroid of steroidal derivative?
Diosgenin Sodium taurocholate
Prostaglandins Cholesterol
Answer :

548)A competitive inhibitor like malonate -
Lower Vmax of the reaction Gets chemically changed by enzyme action
Can bind with active site as well as other sites on enzymes Increase the apparent Km for a given substrate
Answer :

549)A pair of heterocyclic amino acids is -
Proline and histidine Alanine and glycine
Tyrosine and isoleucine Lysine and arginine
Answer :

550)A diglyceride differs feom monosaccharide in
Having one additional molecule of glycerol Having two molecule of trihydroxypropane
Possessing one additional fatty acid Lacking one unsaturated fatty acid
Answer :

551)At a particular pH and temperature conditions, an inhibitor irreversibly reducing Vmax of a reaction does not -
Change the Michaelis-Menten constant for the reaction Compete with the substrate for active site
Affect the binding of an enzyme for its substrate All of these
Answer :

552)The incorrect match of a biomolecule and its example is -
I. Chromo protein - Cytochromes
II. Unsaturated fatty acid - Arachidic acid
III. Mucopolysaccharide - Hyaluronic acid
IV, Globular protein - Egg albumins
Answer :

553)A cofactor cannot be -
Amino acid polymer Vitamin or mineral
Inorganic FMN
Answer :

554)Zwitterion has-
Only positive charge Only negative charge
Either positive or negative charge Both positive and negative charge
Answer :

555)All the following statements are correct except one. Which one incorrect?
Enzymes enhance the rate of reaction by increasing the activation energy Collagen is the most abundant protein in animal world
Fats and oils are glycerides in which fatty acids are esterified to glycerol Proteinaceous enzymes exhibit substrate specifieity
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