511)Find the incorrect option with respect to cellulose from the following -
Cellulose gives positive test with I2 It is an unbranched, structural, homo polysaccharide
It is an hexosan polysaccharide Most abundant carbohydrate in biosphere
Answer :

512)Find the odd one with respect to pentose sugar -
Xylose Arabinose
Ribose Erythrose
Answer :

513)Archidonic acid gives rise to
Cerebrosides Terpenes
Prostaglandins Gangliosides
Answer :

514)Major function of PUFA is -
Lowering of cholesterol level Supply of essential fatty acdis
Prevent atherosclerosis All of these
Answer :

515)In which of the following amino acid, R group is replaced by a methyl group?
Alanine Valine
Glysine Serine
Answer :

516)Prostaglandins function in inflammatory and allergic reaction are derivation of -
Stearic acid Arachidonic acid
Palmitic acid Linoleic acid
Answer :

517)Which of the following is natural amino acid?
Lysine Glutamic acid
Valine Asparatate
Answer :

518)Amino acids are organic compounds containing -
I. Hydrogen
II. Carboxyl group
III. An amino group
IV. Variable R group
Only III Only II and III
Only I, II and III I, II, III and IV
Answer :

519)Which of the following is used in the formation of photographic film, terricot, shater-proof glass and plastics?
Cellulose xanthate Cellulose acetate
Carboxy methyl cellulose Cellulose nitrate
Answer :

520)Chose the correct set of polysaccharides on the basis of common function-
Chitin, cellulose and glycogen Starch, glycogen and cellulose
Pectin, starch and glycogen Glycogen, starch and inulin
Answer :

521)Which of the following is a condtituent of agar-agar?
Galactose Glucose
Fructose Glucosamine
Answer :

522)Diosgenin obtained from Dioscorea plant used as antifertility pills is-
Tryglyceride Steroid
Glycolipid Phospholipid
Answer :

523)Which of the following is a monomeric protein?
RNA polymerase Hemoglobin
Myoglobin Insulin
Answer :

524)Which of the following amino acid is not present in histone protein?
Lysin Arginine
Asparate None of these
Answer :

525)Which of the following is not a constituent of trisaccharide Raffinose?
Mannose Fructose
Galactose Glucose
Answer :

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