496)The enormous diversity of proteins molecules is mainly due to the diversity of -
R groups on amino acids Amino acid sequence of the protein
Peptide bonds tertiary structure of protein
Answer :

497)Benedict's solution will be able to detect the presence of all except -
Sucrose Glucose
Galactose Fructose
Answer :

498)Type of linkage present in amylopectin is/ are -
α 1-4 β 1-4
α 1-4 , α 1-6 β 1-4 , β 1-6
Answer :

499)Which of the following set contains monosaccharide only?
Fructose and ribose Glucose and maltose
Lactose and glucose Glucose and sucrose
Answer :

500)In secondary structure protein molecules, the peptide chain attains a helical structure through the formation of -
Intramolecular ionic bond Hydrogen bond
Disulphide bond Peptide bonds
Answer :

501)Which one of the following is used in propellant explosive?
Cellulose nitrate Cellulose acetate
Carboxy methyl cellulose Cellulose xanthate
Answer :

502)Histones are -
Glycoproteins Acidic proteins
Basic proteins Mucoproteins
Answer :

503)If a deoxyribose sugar is supplemented with oxygen at second carbon atom, which one of these is formed?
Ribulose Ribose
Maltose Galactose
Answer :

504)Find the odd one from the following.
Uridine monophosphate Aspartic acid
Guanylic acid Adenylic acid
Answer :

505)Which one of the following is not a secondary metabolites?
Cholesterol Morphine
Cellulose Carotenoids
Answer :

506)Select the incorrect option with respect to glycine.
It functions as a neurotransmitter It is a neutral amino acid
It is optically inactive It does not exist in zwitterion form
Answer :

507)Which of the following polysaccharides is called as animal starch?
Inulin Chitin
Glycogen Amylose
Answer :

508)Phrynoderma or follicular hyperkeratosis is due to deficiency of -
Essential fatty acids Essential amino acid
Protein None of these
Answer :

509)Edible oils can be converted into hard fats through the process of -
Hydrolysis Hydrogenation
Cross esterification None of these
Answer :

510)Nocotinamide can be systhesized in human body from -
Tyrosine Fructose
Lactose Tryptophan
Answer :

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