481)Which of the following nueleotide is not present in the structure of DNA?
Thymidylic acid Adenylic acid
Guanylic acid Uridylic acid
Answer :

482)Which of the following set consists of non-reducing disaccharides?
Sucrose of thehalose Maltose and cellobiose
Sucrose and cellobiose Sucrose and galactose
Answer :

483)Maximum amount of cellulose present in -
Cotton fibre Wood
Exoskeleton of arthopods Human body
Answer :

484)Which of the following bond is present between the phosphate and hydroxyl group of sugar?
Peptide bond Ester bond
Hydrogen bond Glycosidic bond
Answer :

485)Which of the following derivative of cellulose is used as artificial silk?
Cellulose nitrate Cellulose acetate
Cellulose xanthate Carboxymethyl cellulose
Answer :

486)At very high temperature, the enzymes are -
Highly effective Killed
Denatured Inactivated
Answer :

487)Which one of the following is optically inactive?
Tyrosine Tryptophan
Alanine Glycine
Answer :

488)A triglyceride has 3 fatty acids. The number of fatty acids in the phospholipid lecithin is -
0 1
2 3
Answer :

489)Enzymes which have similar substrate activity but different molecular structure are called -
Coenzyme Isoenzyme
Holoenzyme Homoenzyme
Answer :

490)Which of the following is universal energy carrier?
Adenosine triphosphate Adenosine monophosphate
Adenosine diphosphate Uridylic acid
Answer :

491)Enzymes such as hexokinage have more than one polypeptide chain. These chains are linked to each other by disulphide bonds between -
Cysteine and cysteine Cysteine and alanine
Methionine and histidine Cysteine and glutamic acid
Answer :

492)Polysaccharides are component of -
Cell wall of fungi Cell wall of plants
Exoskeleton of arthopods All of these
Answer :

493)Haem is the prosthetic group fr which of the following enzymes?
Carboxy peptidase Catalase
Peroxidase Both (b) and (c)
Answer :

494)Mark the correct statement with respect to allosteric inhibition -
It is irreversible Do not show typical Km constant
Inhibitor has structural similarity with substrate Conformation of enzyme is not changed
Answer :

495)Enzymes are similar to inorganic catalysts in all respect except -
In being macromolecular and in size more sensitive to high temperature and high pressure Remainining unchanged in amount, structure and composition during reaction
Acclerating the rate of reaction Reversibility of reaction
Answer :

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