466)Transitio state structure of the substrate formed during an enzymatic reaction is-
Permanent and stable Transient and unstable
Permanent but unstable Transient but stable
Answer :

467)Select the option which is not correct with respect to enzyme action-
Addition of lot of succinate does not reverse the inhibition of succinic dehydrogenaseby malinate Malonate is a competitive inhibitor of succinic dehydrogenase
A non-competitive inhibitor binds the enzyme at a site distinct from that which binds the substrate Substrate binds with enzyme at its active site
Answer :

468)Which one of the following is a disaaharide?
Ribose Fructose
Maltose Glucose
Answer :

469)Which of the following is a coenzyme?
Mucus NAD+
Lyase Fe++
Answer :

470)First enzyme to be isolated in pure crystalline form was-
Diastase Invertase
Zymase Urease
Answer :

471)Which of the following are not polymeric?
Polysaccharides Nucleic acids
Proteins Lipids
Answer :

472)A typical fat molecule is made up of-
One glycerol and three fatty acid molecules Three glycerol molecules and one fatty acid molecule
Three glycerol molecules and three fatty acid molecules One glycerol molecule and one fatty acid molecule
Answer :

473)Which one of the following statements is correct, with reference to enzymes?
Coenzyme = Apoenzyme + Holoenzymes Holoenzyme = Apoenzyme + Coenzyme
Apoenzyme = Holoenzyme + Coenzyme Holoenzyme = Coenzyme + Co-factor
Answer :

474)The amino acid Tryptophan is the precursor for the synthesis of -
Melatonin and serotonin Cortisol and cortisone
Thyroxine and triodothyronine Estrogen and progesterone
Answer :

475)Glucose is a hexose. Which one of the following is another hexose.
Ribose Fructose
Erythrose Ribulose
Answer :

476)Which one of the following is an amino acid?
Glycolic acid Formic acid
Glycine Glycerol
Answer :

477)When one adds a phosphate group to a nucleoside one gets another acid soluble biomolecule called -
Adenine Sugar phosphate
Nitrogen base Nucleotide
Answer :

478)While a nucleic acid like DNA and RNA is made of only 4 types of nucleotide monomers, proteins are made of -
20 types of monomers Only one type of monomer
40 types of monomers 30 types of monomers
Answer :

479)Which one of the following represents an additional function that some proteins discharge?
Pigment making colours of flowers Hormones
Antibiotics Pigment conferring colour to skin
Answer :

480)The number of ends in a glycogen molecule would be -
Equal to the number of branch points One
Equal to the number of branches plus one Two, one on the left side and another on the right side
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