436)Spoilage of oil can be detected by which fatty acid?
Linoleic Oleic acid
Erucic acid Linolenic acid
Answer :

437)Types of RNA polymerase required in nucleus for RNA synthesis are-
4 3
2 1
Answer :

438)Which one of the following is a reducing sugar?
Galactose Gluconic acid
Sucrose None of these
Answer :

439)Which one of the following hydrolyses internal phosphodiester bonds in polynucleotide chain-
Endonuclease Lipase
Protease Exonuclease
Answer :

440)Lipids are insoluble in water because lipids molecules are-
Neutral Hydrophilic
Zwitter ions Hydrophobic
Answer :

441)Most abundant organic compound on earth is-
Lipids Protein
Cellulose Steroids
Answer :

442)Cancer cells are more easily damaged by radiation than normal cells because they are-
Non-dividing Undergoing rapid division
Starved of mutation Different in structure
Answer :

443)Due to discovery of which of the following in 1980, the evolution was termed as RNA world-
RNA has enzymatic property RNA is not found in all cells
m-RNA, t-RNA, r-RNA synthesise proteins In some virus RNA is genetic material
Answer :

444)Which form of RNA has a structure resembling clover leaf?
r-RNA hn-RNA
Answer :

445)Carbohydrates, the most abundant biomolecules on earth, are produced by -
All bacteria, fungi and algae Some bacteria, algae and green plant cells
Fungi, algae and green plant cells Viruses, fungi and bacteria
Answer :

446)Enzymes, vitamins and hormones can be classified into a single category of biological chemicals, because all of these-
are conjugated proteins enhance oxidative metabolism
help in regulating metabolism are exclusively synthesised in the body of a living organism as at present
Answer :

447)The catalytic effeciency of two different enzymes can be compared by the-
pH optimum value Km value
Formation of the product Molecular size of the product
Answer :

448)Which of the following statements regarding enzyme inhibition is correct?
Non-competitive inhibitors often bind to the enzyme irreversibly Competitive inhibition is seen when a substrate competes with an enzyme for binding to an inhibitor protein
Competitive inhibition is seen when the substrate and the inhibitor compete for the active site on the enzyme Non-competitive inhibition of an enzyme can be overcome by adding large amount of substrate
Answer :

449)Which of the following is the simplest amino acid?
Glycine Tyrosine
Asparagine Alanine
Answer :

450)An organic substance bound to an enzyme and essential for its activity is called?
Isoenzyme Holoenzyme
Apoenzyme Coenzyme
Answer :

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