31)Which one of the following is not a mucilage?
Agar Carragheenin
Rayon Alginic acid
Answer :

32)Starch grains of rice are
Compound Simple eccentric
Simple concentric Dumb-bell shaped
Answer :

33)Cellulose forms a major portion of food of grazing cattle. It is
Digested by the animal itself Digested by the gut bacteria
Passed out undigested Digested partly by animal and partly by bacteria
Answer :

34)The number of monosaccharide units in a polysaccharide is
4 6
10 More than 10
Answer :

35)A bond which is formed between aldehyde or ketone group of monosaccharide and alcoholic group of another organic compound is known as
Ester bond Phosphodiester bond
Peptide bond Glycosidic bond
Answer :

36)Which one of the following is saturated fatty acid?
Linolenic acid Oleic acid
Stearic acid Lioleic
Answer :

37)Most essential fatty acid is
Linolenic acid Stearic acid
Lioleic acid Arachidonic acid
Answer :

38)Lecithin is a
Fat Chloesterol
Phospholipid with choline attached to phosphate group Fatty acid
Answer :

39)Bee wax is secreted by
Workers Drones
Honey Queen
Answer :

40)Which one of the following is phospholipid?
Oleic acid Sphingomyelin
Prostaglandin Glycerol
Answer :

41)Keratin have larger amount of
Magnesium Calcium
Phosphorius Sulphur
Answer :

42)Bee wax is made up of
Ergosterol Hexacosyl palmitate
Palmitic and mericyl alcohol Both (b) and (c)
Answer :

43)Which one of the following is not lipid?
ß - keratin Wax
Lecithin Sterol
Answer :

44)An antifertility steroid is
Cortisol Diosgenin
Esteradiol Progesterone
Answer :

45)In brain, most common types of lipids are
Glycolipids Phospholipids
Steroids Lipoproteins
Answer :

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