Neural control and coordination

421)The smallest cranial nerve of the body is
Ophalmic Trochlear
Trigemminal Abducens
Answer :

422)Which one of the is the number of spinal nerves in man?
24 12
62 31
Answer :

423) The ganglia which lie nearer to the tissues and away from the chain and in hich pregnglionic fibres terminate are known as
Collateral ganglion Autonomic ganglion
Paratonic ganglion none of these
Answer :

424)White of the eye is
Conjuctiva Choroid
Comea Sclera
Answer :

425)The skin receptors known as Krause's end bulbs are concerned with the sense of
Pressure Cold
Touch Temperature
Answer :

426)The fourth cranial nerve of man is
Occulomotor Abducens
Trochlear Auditory
Answer :

427)Function of parasympathetic nervous system is
Constriction of pupil Accleration of heart beat
Contraction of the errector pill Stimulation of sweat gland
Answer :

428)Which one is not a reflex action?
Release of saliva Obeying the order
Closing the eye lids None of these
Answer :

429)The spinal nerve plexus involving the first thoracic spinal nerve is
Sacral plexus Lumber plexus
Cervical plexus Brachial plexus
Answer :

430)The neurotransmitter with the sympathetic post-ganglinic nerve fibre terminating at the sweat gland is
Acetylcholine Adrenaline
Epinephrine Both (a) and (b)
Answer :

431)Receptors in muscles, joints and tendons are called
External receptors Interoreceptors
Exteroreceptors Proprioreceptors
Answer :

432)Reflex action exhibited by
Motor nerves Automatic response
Sensory nerves Sympathetic nerves
Answer :

433)Pain receptors are
Meissner's corpuscles Pacinian Corpuscles
Free nerve endings Merkel's discs
Answer :

434)Meissener's corpuscles are located in
Spleen and destroy erythrocytes Skin and perceive gentle pressure
Adrenal and secrete trypsinogen Pancreas and secrete trypsinogen
Answer :

435)Which of the following muscles regulate pupil?
Meridonial muscles Radial muscles
Circular muscles Both (b) and (c)
Answer :

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