Biology for NEET

406)Basal ganglia is a collection of subcortical nuclei in the forebrain, at the base of the cortex. A primary function of basal ganglia is
Neuroendocrine control Planning stereo typed movements
Short term memory Sensory integration
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407)The CSF moves from ventricle of the brain to subarachnoid space through
Foramina Luschka Forament of Monro
Foramina Magendie Both (1) and (3)
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408)Pallium is
Roof of paracoel Floor walls of paracoel
Lateral walls of cerebrum Lateral walls of diencephalon
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409)Ascending nerve tracts, carrying impulse from spnial cord to brain passes through
Ventral funiculus Ventricles
Lateral funiculus Dorsal duniculus
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410)Brain stem consists of
Cerebellum, Diencephalon and Mid brain Medulla oblonggata, Pons varoli and Cerebellum
Medulla, Pons and Mid brain Both (1) and (2)
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411)Number of pairs of central nerves that are purly sensory is
3 4
5 6
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412)The nerves that carry impulses from the central nervous system to the muscles and glands are called
Mixed nerves Afferent nerves
Motor nerves Sensory nerves
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413)Which of the following is motor nerve?
Trochlear and Hypoglossal Optic and Olfactory
Vagus and Trigeminal Occulomotor and facial
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414)Which of the following is related to eye ball movement, accomodation and contraction of pupil?
Auditory Occulomotor
Optic Trochlear
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415)Paralysis of jaw muscles is result of loss of function of which cranial nerve?
10 7
5 3
Answer :

416)Lateral rectus muscles of eye is provided with which cranial nerve?
3 6
4 5
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417)Which of the following vranial nerves are linkes with taste buds?
7 and 9 4 and 8
9 and 2 3 and 7
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418)Trigeminal nerve aroses from brain in the region of
Pons Varoli and divides into opthalmic, maxillary and mandibular Medulla and divides into palatine, hyomandibular and chorda tympani
Pons Varoli and divides into palatine, chorda tympani and hyomandibular Cerebellum and divides into opthalmic, maxillary and mandibular
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419)Gastric and pancreatic secretion, gastrointestinal movements, pespiratory reflexes, visceral reflexes are controlled by
Trochlear Occulomotor
Abducens Vagus
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420)The cranial nerve in man which is both sensory and motor is
Trigeminal Auditory
Olfactory Opic
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