391)The fracture when a bone breaks into more than two pieces is called
Compound fracture Comminuted fracture
Simple fracture None of these
Answer :

392)Not the character of red skeletal muscle?
More blood capillaries More mitochondria
Smaller diameter More sarcoplasmic reticulum
Answer :

393)Number of anterior curves in human vertebral column is
2 4
6 8
Answer :

394)Sella turcica is found in
Frontal bone Pariental bone
Temporal bone Sphenoid bone
Answer :

395)Which of the following includes the Cranium, the Olfactory Capsules and the Optic Capsules
Neurocranium Cranium
Dermocranium Splanchnocranium
Answer :

396)Which of the following are typical thoracic vertebrae?
1, 9, 10,11, 12 12
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 2, 7, 9
Answer :

397)Between which of the following the obturator foramen is enclosed?
Ilium and ischium Ilium and pubis
Ischium and pubis None of these
Answer :

398)Which of the following is the only movable bone in the skull?
Vomer Mandible
Palatine Maxilla
Answer :

399)Which of the following cells responsible for the resorption of bone matrix during the growth and remodelling of the skeletion?
Chondroclasts Chondroblasts
Osteoblasts Osteoclasts
Answer :

400)Which one of the following works out the backward bending of shank?
Gastrocnemius and hamstrings Adductor group of muscles
Gluteus maximus Quadriceps femoris muscles
Answer :

401)The basis of identifying cervical vertebrae from other vertebrae is
Transverse processes Vertebro-arterial canals
Odontoid processes Amphiplatyan centrum
Answer :

402)Which of the following is the type of movement shown by paramoecium?
Flagellar Muscular
Cillary Amoeboid
Answer :

403)Which one of the following is the type of human vertebrae?
Procoelus Amphicoelus
Heterocoelus Amphiplatyan
Answer :

404)Movement in mammalian skeleton represent the leverage of the third order is
Triceps muscles extending arm at elbow Biceps muscles flexing arm at elbow
Movement of the head of femur in the acetabulum of pelvic girdle Gastrocnemius muscle raising weight of body on toes
Answer :

405)The abnormality that leads to the secretion of abnormal granules-pannus is
Gout Osteoarthritis
Ankylosis Rheumatoid arthritis
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