376)The resting potential across the membrane of a relaxed muscle is about
50mV -70mV
100mV 50 to 100mV
Answer :

377)Which of the following muscle protein have double chain structure?
Tropomyosin Actin
Myosin Troponin
Answer :

378)Characteristics of skeletal muscle fibre is
Extensibility Contractability
Excitability All of these
Answer :

379)The bone that enclose the tympanum in mammals is
Mastoid Tympanic membrane
Tympanic bulla Periotic and tympanic bulla
Answer :

380)Example of multiunit smooth muscles is
Smooth muscles with the intestine Arrector pili muscle of skin
Smooth muscle with the blood vessels Masseter muscle of the jaw
Answer :

381)In which of the following there is least least blood supply?
Cardiac muscle Skeletal muscle
Smooth muscles None of these
Answer :

382)Which of the following are involved in the formation of acetabulum?
Ilium and Ischium Ischium and Pubis
Ilium and Pubis Ilium, Ischium and Pubis
Answer :

383)Total number of movable vertebrae in human body is
31 30
26 24
Answer :

384)Cori cycle involves
Muscles Liver
Both muscles and liver None of these
Answer :

385)With which of the following the vertebra prominens is present ?
Seventh cervical vertebrae First lumbar vertebrae
First cervical vertebrae First thoracic vertebrae
Answer :

386)Odontoid process is present with
Lumber vertebrae Atlas vertebrae
Axis vertebrae Vertebrae prominens
Answer :

387)Centrum of a vertebrae is called
Opisthocoelous Amphiplatyan
Procoelouss Acoelous
Answer :

388)The position of Ulna is towards ___________ when we move the palm in upward direction by the action of supinator.
Thumb side in right hand ony Little finger in the left hand only
Little finger Thumb side
Answer :

389)With which of the following the Olecranon fossa is present?
Femur Ulna
Radius Humerus
Answer :

390)With which bone the Foramen magnum is associated?
Occipital Frontal
Pariental Temporal
Answer :

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