346)The brain of cockroach is
Sub-oesophageal ganglion First thoraic ganglion
Suprapharygeal ganglion Supra-oesophageal ganglion
Answer :

347)What is the resting potential across the membrane?
-70 mV 60 mV
Zero 60 - 90 mV
Answer :

348)What is the number of ganglions present in the cockroach ?
3 6
8 5
Answer :

349)Which of the following gilial cells form myelin sheath in PNS ?
Astrocytes Neurolemmocyte
Microglia cells Oligodentrocyte
Answer :

350)The condition for faster conduction of impulse is the nerve fibres should be
Myelinated thicker
Non myelinated Both (a) and (b)
Answer :

351)The largest number of cell bodies of neurons in our body is found in
Spinal cord Retina
Tongue Brain
Answer :

352)Which one of the following is not the lobe of cerebral hemisphere
Temporal lobe Olfactory lobe
Parietal lobe Occipital lobe
Answer :

353)Highly vascular and closely investing protective coat around brainis known as
Pia mater Sub - arachnoid
Arachnoid Dura mater
Answer :

354)The part which is involved in the movement of the head and detect the source of sound is
Inferior colliculi Medula oblongata
Pons Superior colliculi
Answer :

355)Large flask shaped Purkinje cells are associated with
Hypothalamus Cerebral cotex
Pons Cerebellar cortex
Answer :

356)Vermis is
A tiny worm The small median lobe of cerebellum in mammals
Portion of mid brain Cavity of medulla
Answer :

357)The tree like branched structure present in the cerebellum is
Areole Arborial
Arbor vitae Archenteron
Answer :

358)Brachial swelling of spinal cord extend from
1st thoraic to the 4th thoraic 4th cervical to the 1st thoraic
1st cervical to the 4th cervical 5th cervical to the 8th cervical
Answer :

359)What is the link between paracoel and diacoel
Foramina Luschka Foramina Magendie
Aqueduct of Sylvius Foramen of monro
Answer :

360)End of spinal cord is
Cauda equina Conus Terminalis
Filum Terminalis Funiculus
Answer :

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